Financial Services For Women, By Women

As a female finanical advisor, I work with women every day who seek the financial flexibility to pursue their goals, handle bumps in the road, and provide for loved ones while saving for retirement. Whether you are just starting out, changing careers, working through a life-altering event, or retiring, I have helped others to plan for similar situations. Whether married or single, women need financial advice that is tailored to meet their goals and life experiences.

My expertise as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is particularly helpful to women considering or working through the financial implications of divorce, or adjusting to the loss of a spouse. Let's discuss how you can take control of your financial future.

Financial Guidance With You In Mind

Women have specific needs when it comes to financial services and B. Riley Wealth Management is here to help you. Click the images or titles below to view tips and guidelines created specifically to address your needs. 

Financial Services for Women: When faced with events like sudden inheritance of windfall, divorce or loss of a partner, a career change or an inheritance, your financial wellbeing is important to us. 

Financial Vocabulary: Financial terms can be confusing for new and established investors alike. This vocabulary will help you gain a better understanding of important and timely financial topics. 

Seven Financial Strategies for Women: Review planning tips you should consider in order to confidently invest and plan for retirement.

Financial Planning Tips for Millenial Women:  are not only breadwinners and financial decision makers, they may also be primary caretakers for both children and aging parents. We provide financial planning guidance to help you manage finances in a smart and efficient way.